An intuitive and consistent user interface

Our platform comes with a uniquely designed, best-in-class and ever-evolving user interface. A content-driven navigational pattern ensures your subscribers can intuitively use your services. By creating an immersive experience that integrates many different types of content and services, we avoid that subscribers have to switch over to other entertainment platforms and thereby reduce churn. We provide your subscribers with fast access to relevant content using as few user interactions as possible, in order to stimulate subscriber spending. The simplicity of our platform will stimulate adoption, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and a reduction in customer service calls.

Across all devices

The end-to-end platform is available on set-top boxes, connected TV’s, tablets, smartphones and web. Today’s consumers want to be able to use your service wherever they go. We ensure a unified user interface across all devices, so users can easily transition from one device to another and continue to enjoy the service without interruption.


Offer your audience a range of essential features, such as Pause Live TV, Local/Cloud Recording, Restart TV, Catch-Up TV and VOD, to ensure rapid adoption of your service.

Powerful service management

Our powerful service management system puts you in the driving seat. Monetize your service and efficiently increase ARPU by analyzing performance. Swiftly adapt your service offering to the need of each and every customer.

Proven platform

 Deployed on millions of devices around the world, our platform is a proven solution which ensures a fast and predictable time-to-market with demonstrated advantages on ARPU and churn. We continuously improve it by taking into account vital user feedback from clients and their subscribers around the world. This way, we can deliver a robust and field-proven user-experience.

Flexible integration

Our platform is available on DVB, IPTV, OTT and hybrid networks. It is currently deployed on 15+ different brands of end-user devices and 29+ different brands of back-office systems. The modular way in which our platform has been built ensures that it can accommodate both green-field deployments as well as integrations in existing environments.