The time-to-market is key for deploying new video services. Sourcing a solution serving Android TV platforms, native or HTML5 set top boxes, mobile devices and all PC browser versions, while limiting the pressure on your resources? Discover Zappware’s efficient deployment scenarios.

Experienced team

To deploy a new video ecosystem, you can rely on an experienced Zappware team ready to listen, ready to serve, ready to deploy.


Once deployed, you are probably eager to analyze viewer behavior, build targeted acquisition and loyalty campaigns and suggest personalized content to viewers. Our cloud-based or on-premise back-office offers the relevant analytics with actionable tools and dashboards to drive your video revenues.

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Zappware as a Service

ZaaS is Zappware’s complete video solution-suite that can be offered in a flexible business model. With Zappware’s video ecosystem you will be able to acquire more customers, increase loyalty and ARPU and turn your viewers into consumers.